Following through with a plan to save money can be mentally and physically demanding, BUT can drastically reduce the cost of moving.

Depending on your budget, Unity Moving LLC crews can execute your moving project with either a “FULL” or “PARTIAL” service plan, where the “FULL SERVICE” plan is comparatively expensive because of the exclusive use of company resources.

The “PARTIAL SERVICE” plan costs drastically less than “FULL SERVICE,” but you assume a greater amount of stress along with the burdens of managing a challenging project. Your plan should include hiring Unity Moving LLC’s experienced helpers to provide minimal labor, limited to lifting, loading, stacking and/or unloading awkward, heavy and/or bulky items.

Saving money requires the client to capably accomplish certain tasks. Cutting costs typically means that the client alone, or with the help of family and/or friends, prepares the household inventory for shipment by acquiring protective blankets, box packing supplies & boxes, self-packing the boxes; disassembling and/or reassembling furnishings; wrapping furnishings in protective blankets with stretch wrap; acquiring and/or self-driving the shipments conveyance, E.g., a truck (U-Haul,) or a trailer (ABF) or shipping container (PODS.)

Please note that inexperienced helpers conducting a move may be at higher risk of personal injury. Your property may be at higher risk of damage, too. Turn to Unity Moving LLC experienced helpers to minimize injury and damage risks.

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